Project Timeline
  • M3

    Specification and initial design. (MS1)

    System specification and initial design agreed and recorded – Shared across consortium
  • M3

    Project Implementation and guidelines defined (MS10)

    Deliverable 8.1 and 8.2
  • M9

    Requirements and Validation methodology defined. (MS6)

    D1.1 and D1.2 succesfully completed.
  • M15

    Baseline characterisation and initial ALBATROSS system design. (MS 2)

    ALBATROSS initial design theoretically modelled and performance benchmarked against BMW i3.
  • M24

    ALBATROSS system design freeze. (MS3)

    ALBATROSS final design agreed and recorded – Shared across consortium
  • M30

    Subsystems validated at TRL 6. (MS4)

    Sub-system designs and prototypes from WP2-4 including design for manufacture tested against sub-systems specs.
  • M36

    Fabrication and Process Parameters Definition (MS7)

    D2.5, D3.3, D3.4, D4.2 and D4.3
  • M36

    Efficient and effective Dismantling of ALBATROSS battery pack (MS 8)

    D5.3 and D5.4
  • M42

    ALBATROSS full system validated the TRL7 (MS5)

    On-vehicle and on-bench systems integrated and tested using WLTC to validate SOH & SOS at 300 000km and pack lifetime. Benchmarked against BMW i3.
  • M42

    Preliminary LCA Results (MS9)

    Deliverable 7.4 Sustainability Analysis
  • M48

    Dissemination and explopitation (MS11)

    D.9.9 sucessfully completed.
Coordinator information Yeşilova Holding Anonim Şirketi (TR) R&D Center.
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