Work Packages and Leaders
WP1 - Scoping, Engineering Design and Benchmarking – Leader: YOVA WP2 - Battery Modules and packaging – Leader: CLEAN WP3 Battery trays – Leader: YOVA WP4 Battery Management System, Thermal Management and sensing – Leader: FEV WP 5 Dismantling, second life, re-use and recycle – Design and implementation – Leader: NTNU WP 6 DEMONSTRATOR: Integration, testing and validation – Leader: UoN WP 7 Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability – Leader: TVS WP 8 - Project Management – Leader: YOVA WP 9 - Exploitation and Dissemination – Leader: EWF WP 10: Ethics requirements
Coordinator information Yeşilova Holding Anonim Şirketi (TR) R&D Center.
Project Contact Info